Online Mediation

Galway Mediation offer an online mediation service for commercial and/or business disputes concerning a wide range of potential disputes including breach of contract, company disputes, investment disputes, probate, succession law and Will disputes, land and boundary disputes, certain employment disputes (involving office holders, consultants and/or key employee disputes), defamation disputes including online defamation disputes, personal injury disputes, disputes between insurance companies and policy holders, public law disputes including disputes between State Departments and businesses, general tort disputes including nuisance and other tort or civil wrong disputes, commercial and/or residential investment property disputes, larger family law disputes and bank and debt resolution disputes to name but a few.


There are three options available for online mediation. We are using the Zoom platform, Google Meet and Skype for Business.

  • There will be confidentiality similar to an offline mediation process.
  • There will be full functionality for the mediator to carry out caucus meetings online and also carry out plenary meetings online.
  • Nobody needs to be a ‘whizz kid’ on technology to use this process and Galway Mediation will make the necessary arrangements insofar as possible albeit there may be a need to download a very simple amount of software or app on a Smart phone.
  • There will be a requirement that people operate their cameras and microphones from a private area and also from private Wi-Fi and not over any public Wi-Fi.

This service is aimed at including legal advisors in the online mediations and further information can be obtained from the host, Michael C. O’Connor S.C. at