Welcome to the Galway Mediation & Debt Resolution Services


Galway Mediation & Debt Resolution Services provides a process whereby parties to a dipute can try and find a solution to that dispute through Mediation as opposed to litigation through the Courts. There is now a growing appreciation of the benefits of Mediation as a means of dispute resolution outside of the normal Courts system. Galway Mediation & Debt Resolution Services recognise that the Courts system does not serve the business community in every instance and also recognises the growing emphasis on mediation in legislation and by Superior Court Judges in particular, the Commercial Court in Dublin. We wish to offer an alternative to the business community in Galway with speedier access to a resolution with a practical business focus.


We provide mediation facilities in an effective and straightforward manner which ensures that all parties involved are given every opportunity to reach a mutually agreeable solution in a practical and businesslike context.

Michael O’Connor SC                    
Proprietor, Galway Mediation





Michael is a member of the Southern California Mediation Association

A CEDR Aaccredited Mediator

A member of the Chinese European Arbitration Association